Bigg Boss 11 is getting interesting day by day. There are a lot of dramas and fights going on inside the house. For last night’s luxury budget task established the fact that the housemates can stoop down to any level for being victorious. Priyank and Hina crossed all their limits and slut-shamed Arshi. This time, everyone supported Arshi and slammed Hina and Priyank on Twitter.Check It Out:#BiggBoss11: #HinaKhan Mam stop playing this sympathy card. Its getting too over bearing and disgusting. And yes you said its right GOD is watching. #ColorsTV #SalmanKhan #BB11 #BiggBoss #WeekendKaVaar— salil sand (@isalilsand) November 22, 2017 This is to all the people who have been abusing me for my tweets on #HinaKhan Mam!! Well, she is exactly what you see her in the #BiggBoss11 house, always Right and always Perfect!! I rest my case here. #ColorsTV #SalmanKhan #BB11 #WeekEndKaVaar— salil sand (@isalilsand) November 20, 2017 #Vikas Talked About #Priyank in Underwear & #Priyank Saying Don’t Talk About This On National Television. WHY. Apne Pe Baat Aaye Toh “Mat Kijiye” ?